Foot deformity and how one patient became a selfless helper

Club foot illustrated

Imagine you’d have pain all over; your shoulders, hips and back would simply hurt like you’re a twisted coil waiting to be sprung. You think it’s a hangover or maybe you’re just having a cold so you take an early shower but by mid-day that pain comes back. You barely make it home and after a few weeks decide to find out what’s happening, you visit a chiropractor. But you’re out of luck as the specialist treats you but the pain doesn’t really go away.

This is what’s like to have foot deformity and between the ages of 19 and 27, it was Teresa’s life.Continue reading →

Violent crime discussed at the Birmingham Salon

Left to right: Yvonne Mosquito, Sean Russel, presenter Jonathan Hurlow, Dr Damien J. Williams and Dr Hanna Pickard

Last night, 9 September, Birmingham Salon held a debate on the topic of public services intervening in the prevention of violent crime and the question of how people’s free will is affected. The event was held at and in collaboration with the Birmingham Medical Institute.

This was a free discussion where anyone could express their views on the matter at hand. The topic involved the Home Office’s PREVENT anti-terrorism strategy. It states that public services will intervene in cases where individuals are at risk of perpetrating violent crime.Continue reading →

BCU student raises awareness about stoma medical bags

This post was originally published on Birmingham Eastside.

Medical conditions have always been a sensitive subject. Nothing can be more frustrating than to be limited in your activities by either a physical inability or cosmetic change. Some suffer more than others but for many this problem is unseen by public eyes.

Karolina Kushowska is one of those people who set out to help others. A BCU student, she has chosen to raise awareness about a subject that few know about: stoma care. But what is it exactly?Continue reading →

Helping others with social media and Brum’s creative landscape

With many organisations struggling with digital social media, some people come to their aid. Nick Booth is one of those people.

Online, his name is largely synonymous with Podnosh, a business that helps organisations and even the government to become fluent in social media.

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