Here’s how data visualisation works cross-platform

You can visualise anything.

80% of how we perceive life is through our eyes. So here are five platforms where people turn figures into facts.

Twitter: Andy Kirk

Andy Kirk is a UK-based freelance data visualisation specialist. He has delivered over 100 public and private training events across UK, Europe, North America, India, South Africa and Australia. Follow him and don’t forget to check out his book.

Instagram: Mediaplanningco

If you didn’t know, Instagram is bigger than Twitter. Media Planning Consultants take advantage of this by populating their stream with colourful but simple infographics in order to “establish a partnership with clients”.  Don’t forget that Instagram is also a way of gathering data, like finding out what photos say about your city.

YouTube: TED-Ed

Earlier I blogged about the importance of content in four dimensions. Nothing better than YouTube to show how this works. TED passionately believes that ideas have the power to change the world and TED-Ed has a commitment to creating lessons worth sharing. Their videos are a great combination of tutorials and presentations into data visualisation. And if you still can’t find what you’re looking for, it’s always a good idea to search for playlists.

Facebook: Infographics

Facebook may be mostly about talking to your mates but pages are are always going to make an impression. This one has very interesting designs.

And since we talked about videos, check out how this photo‘s shares were mapped:

Google+: Apandre

Google’s relatively young social media platform is growing and that’s good because images look stunning on it. Here’s an example of what visualisations looks like and here’s a community as well.

And finally…sound

You probably didn’t expect this. For people preferring to listen, here’s a presentation by Andrew TriceTechnical Evangelist from Adobe: …and one (where I attended) from Caroline Beavon talking about her work:

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