Night photography part II

10 minutes ago, I just shot almost an entire roll of film on the moon.

Using the moon and nighttime calculator, I was able to catch the moon just as it was rising. Just as I hoped, the dynamic range between the moon and the ground was significantly less: about 3-4 stops. This should, in theory provide me with a usable image. PanF isn`t a particularly ranged film so I`ll repeat this shot tomorrow night with some HP5 pulled to ISO 200.

I made sure this time that I got everything in, I bracketed about 3 stops on each side. The meter alone read 2 seconds at f/2.8 and ISO 50 on the moon, which I think is complete rubbish.

The moon indeed is less bright at moonrise, is also has an orange cast, which would ruin color shots but for black and white it`s just perfect. What`s interesting is that moonrise is faster that you`d imagine, in 30 minutes, the scene was gone and the moon became too bright and moved too far up


Can`t wait to develop the film :X…

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