Pinhole project

I`m starting a new project this winter. As you can see in the title, it`s about pinhole photography.

I`ll leave an 8x10in sheet of Ilford MG FB paper in a shoe box stuck on my dorm window for the time I`m in Romania. That means about 3 weeks of exposure. The scene won`t be very interesting (just the street in front of my house) but I should be able to see the sun as it passes by each day so I`ll have a bit of Solargraphy as well 😀.

I hope the paper will be sufficiently exposed so that the image will appear without any dip in developer. I happened with a sheet of paper somebody left in the darkroom. It eventually started to darken after a few days. Unlike developing, this give a more smooth appearance and a sort of analogue HDR look.

Depending of the results I get now, I plan (on the very very long term) to have several such boxes around both Birmingham and Bucharest. I`ll label each with the date they were placed and pick them up later on after days….months….years :)). I even want to place one at my former high-school that sees the courtyard. Should be interesting, I`d have “eyes all over” >:). I probably will forget about it until I find the notebook in which I wrote it down.

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