The name of the game

Speed is the name of the game; at least with the Internet.

After keeping it devoid of posts for a few years, I started adding photos to my Instagram account. Besides being an excellent tool for any image-maker (I explained earlier), it also gave me an insight.

The web is saturated with information up to the point where people discard features for filtering. For instance, YouTube has extensive features for publishing and viewing videos but somehow Instagram seems more attractive.

15 seconds is more than enough to get a point across and people would probably ignore anything longer. Here’s an interesting example, not to mention the photos:

Shadow Play(with a little flip) #whpmovingshadows

A video posted by Eric Ward (@littlecoal) on

It’s simple and a pleasure to look at. I’d avoid the sound though.

P.S. I’ve decided to get back to blogging (I have done it before, you know) so expect more posts.

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