The first ones never lie


I`ve been looking through some old photos today and I can`t help being nostalgic. Wow….nostalgic at 19? Yes….I guess it`s possible at a variety of ages 😀.

These were my first attempts at film, using a Fuji Neopan film. At that time I had only minimal knowledge of photography, still trying to reproduce some good photos that I saw.

These are films that I never actually scanned, I had just prints made and even if at that time they represented no serious work for me, they`re now testimony of the fact that the first images one takes in a new medium are usually the things that will represent him further on; I had people, landscapes, night scenes and close-ups among mine. Now they bring back to life memories of long gone moments, names perhaps forgotten or, like the above, boring classes spent in the high school`s library with best friends.

This is the first reason that image taking is so important in everyday life. It`s the ability to freeze memories that makes them an invaluable source of both joy and sadness.

The first images that you take never lie. It`s always the truth, be it pixels, silver halides from films, or cassettes with your first day to school.

People constantly neglect this thing, and thus treat images like children sent to adoption, or to a Facebook album named “Old”.

How would you feel if you were able to say 1000 words…just once?

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