The Genius of Moving Image Part I

For this series of documentaries we had several videos and films.

This one is  documentary of filmmaker Sam Taylor Wood.

T1: List two specific key relationships between Sam Taylor Wood’s photography and film work?

Both Sam Taylor Wood’s photography and film are self portraits and were ways of getting over the hard periods in her life.


T2: How does the use of multi-screen installation in her work reflect narrative?

In multi-screen installations, the narrative exists without a certain story, but rather it is made up by the viewer.


T3: What other photographers use film as an integral part of their work? List two with examples.

Larry Clark – Photography book “Tulsa” and movie “Kids”

Nan Goldin – “Saints and Sibyls”, “Sisters”


T4: Research three other Video artists and explain their working philosophy

Andy Warhol – his work was all about sexual scandals combined with mystery and visuals in the form of pop art. In 1950 he introduced realism in his work and produced films such as “Kiss” and “Haircut No. 2”.

Bruce Nauman – uses of language, human condition and psychological behavior are among his favorite subjects.

Bill Voila – his work is focused on the human experience: birth, death, human consciousness and experience. He also has an interest in mystical traditions.


T5: Show an example of a specific gallery space or a site specific location where a video artist or film maker has created work specifically for that space and been influenced by it.

Such an example is Chris Cunningham’s “Flex”, which was a video installation shown at the Royal  Academy of Arts in London. It consists of a 15 minute film loop, depicting the naked people floating in darkness. 

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