The Genius of Moving Image Part III

This last part of ITAP consisted in the music videos “Only you” by Portishead and “All is full of love” by Bjork, both the work of director Chris Cunningham.

T1: How did Bjork and Chris collaborate on the All is full of love video?

Chris liked Bjork’s track so decided to collaborate with her in order to get a “short film”. He used his passion for industrial robotics to create a music video that suited Bjork’s idea of “robo-love”. Several shots had to be taken again and again and it was only until computer graphics stepped in that Cunningham saw the final result. Bjork needed to have half of her face painted in white and the rest of the body wearing a blue suit in order to face her face on the robot in the video.

T2: What techniques were used on the portishead video to create the     unusual slow motion effects.? Research this.

To get the effect the initial footage was shot in a water tank. Later on, the footage had to be inserted via software in the alleyway of a street.

T3: What other music video directors have gone on to direct feature films? Name two and the feature films they have made.

Spike Jonze – “Being John Malkovich”

Mike Mills – “Thumbsucker”

T4: Which famous sci – fi film did Chris Cunningham’s work on before he became a director?

Before her career as a director, Cunningham worked for over a year on animatronic in the film “A.I.”

T5: What makes his work different or original compared to other similar directors?

What makes Cunningham’s work original compared to others, is it’s ability to induce a very different and strange new world to the audience in the form of a sci-fi-robotised narrative.

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