The Genius of Photography IV

T1: Why did Garry Winogrand take photographs?

He took photographs to “see what the world looked like, photographed”


T2: Why did “citizens evolve from blurs to solid flesh”?

As technology evolved, short exposures became possible and people moving in the streets ceased to be simply blurred.


T3: What was/is the “much misunderstood theory”?

The decisive moment.


T4: Who was the godfather of street photography in the USA?

Gary Winogrand.


T5: Who was Paul Martin and what did he do?

Paul Martin was a 19th century photographer who took revealing pictures of the English seaside.


T6: Who said “When I was growing up photographers were either nerds or pornographers”?

Photographer Ed Ruscha.


T7: Why does William Eggleston photograph in colour?

William Eggleston photographed in colour for more realistic images.


T8: What is William Eggleston about?

William Eggleston is about “photographing life today”.

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