The Genius of Photography Part II

T1: What are Typologies?

Typologies are systematic accurate records of people and things.


T2: What was the “Face of the times”?

The “Face of the times” was a selection of portraits published by August Sander in 1929.


T3: Which magazine did Rodchenko design?

Rodchenko designed “USSR in construction”.


T4: What is photo-montage?

Photo-montage was the process of cutting, pasting and retouching photos and artwork together.


T5: Why did Eugene Atget use albumen prints in the 1920’s?

Eugene Atget used albumen prints because he did not know how to use modern techniques.


T6: What is solarisation and how was it discovered?

Solarisation is a photographic process that consists in a short exposure during the print development and was discovered by accident.


T7: What was the relationship between Bernice Abbott and Eugene Atget?

Bernice Abbot was Eugene Atget’s assistant.


T8: Why was Walker Evans fired from the FSA?

Walker Evans was fired because he couldn’t link his own vision with the propaganda display of the FSA.

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