The Genius of Photography Part III

T1: What is described as “One of the most familiar concepts in photography”?

This concept is called “the Decisive moment”.


T2: Should you trust a photograph?

“It was probably a huge mistake from the beginning”, according to Philosopher Arthur C. Danto.


T3: What was revolutionary about the Leica in 1925?

The Leica was revolutionary for it’s period because of it’s silent and compact body, enabling photographers to take images that would otherwise have been impossible with view cameras.


T4:  What did George Bernard Shaw say about all the paintings of Christ?

George Bernard Shaw said that he would give all the paintings of Christ for one single snapshot.


T5:  Why were Tony Vaccaros’ negatives destroyed by the army censors?

The negatives were destroyed because they contained images of dead soldiers.


T6: Who was Henryk Ross and what was his job?

Henryk Ross was a polish jew photographer and had the job of documenting the production of goods at a polish nazi ghetto.


T7: Which show was a “sticking plaster for the wounds of the war”, how many people saw it and what “cliché” did it end on?

The show was called “The family of man” and had over 9 million visitors. It concluded with a picture made by W. Eugene  Smith’s of his children walking into the light of his garden.


T8: Why did Joel Meyerowitz photograph ground zero in colour?

Joel Meyerowitz photographed in colour because he didn’t want to keep the event as a tragedy.

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