The Genius of Photography Part V

T1: Who said “ The camera gave me the license to strip away what you want people to know about you, to reveal what you can’t help people knowing about you”, and when was it said?

Diane Arbus.


T2: Do photographers tend to prey on vulnerable people?

In recent years, this has been a debate.


T3: Who is Colin Wood?

olid Wood is a man who, as a child, was the subject of one of Diane Arbus’s photographs.


T4: Why do you think Diane Arbus committed suicide?

In my opinion, Diane Arbus commited suicide because, whatever she had in mind to achieve and record, she realised it was impossible.


T5: Why and how did Larry Clark shoot “Tulsa”?

Larry Clark shot “Tulsa” by being of his subject and because he wanted to record his own life.


T6: Try to explain the concept of “confessional photography”, and what is the “impolite genre”?

“Confessional photography” is all about catching the glimpse of someone’s personality in one photograph. The “impolite genre” is a “nasty thing that no one wants to know about”, such as Larry Clarks album, Tulsa, of his friends taking drugs and having fun.


T7: What will Araki not photograph, and why?

Araki only shoots certain things he wants to remember later.


T8: What is the premise of Postmodernism?

The premise of Postmodernism is that we now live in a culture so saturated with media imagery of how people live that our idea of how we live is made up of that imagery.

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