The Genius of Photography Part VI

T1: How many photographs are taken in a year?

Around 80 billion.


T2: What is Gregory Crewdsons modus operandi?

Gregory Crewdsons works by using film props, actors and assistants in order to get a perfect image out of several photographs taken at different times and digitally combined.


T3: Which prints command the highest price & what are they called?

The most expensive prints are the ones made by the photographers themselves near the time the photograph was taken. They are called vintage prints.


T4: What is a Fake photograph? Give an example and explain how & why it is fake.

A fake photograph is a print made from the negative by someone else than the photographer. Such an example is Luis Heyne’s “Powerhouse mechanic”.


T5: Who is Li Zhensheng and what is he famous for?

Li Zhensheng is a photojournalist famous for he’s images of communist China.


T6: What is the photographers “holy of holies”?

Magnum Photo Agency.


T7: How does Ben Lewis see Jeff Walls photography?

Ben Lewis sees Jeff Walls’s photographs as a return to 19th century painting.


T8: Which famous photograph was taken by “Frank Mustard”?

He took Camille Silvie’s “River in France” photograph.

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